You Are Not Alone

Just because you experienced divorce, does not mean you cannot embrace love again.  It just takes being intentional and utilizing available tools.

Self Love

Involves taking responsibility for your happiness, well-being and overall health. It is recognizing that you are capable and worthy of taking care of yourself and making choices that are in your best interest.

Self Care

Is not just about physical well-being, it’s also about emotional and mental health. Give yourself time and space to process the emotions you’re feeling.


Helps to heal the hurt and anger that can come. It can help to create a more positive outlook for the future, and can help to move on from in a healthier way.

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    “Normally I journal, but since we had a deadline, the writing poured out.  The experience was very cathartic.  I had to sit with myself with some stuff.  I made some decisions for my life.  Let me be in love with me...I'm gonna take some time for me.”


  • Memoir Blueprint Logo Memoir Blueprint $6,000.00

    “I didn't know anyone before this experience.  It was professional and the deadlines were met.  It's been a great experience for me.  I always said I wanted to write a book, and I was thinking 10 years from now.  For it to happen just now - so quick - I appreciate being a part.”

    Real Estate Mogul

  • Freed2Love

    “I like the professionalism.  I love a classy experience.  Not only was it a classy experience, it challenged me to go deeper.  The editing process challenged me to go deeper and it brought more to the writing.  It opened me to be freed to love again...made me feel more powerful of my voice... ”